Having coolant leaks in your car?  Get it diagnosed and checked before, your radiator fails.

Radiator fluid is basic to safe activity of your vehicle. It shields your motor from overheating by taking the warmth from your motor and cooling it with the outside air moving through your radiator. It additionally keeps your radiator fluids from solidifying in freezing temperatures. Also, it acts as a rust inhibitor inside your motor.   A significant part of your cooling system, your radiator fluid should be checked routinely, particularly on more older vehicles.

A radiator can wear out over time and micro fractures, will eventually lead to holes in your radiator and subsequently coolant leaks.

A blown head gasket can permit your coolant and motor oil to blend. This is perilous for your motor and can cause a noteworthy calamitous disappointment. Regardless of whether it doesn’t cause a breakdown immediately, you will start to feel power loss from the engine over time.

A blown head gasket can likewise enable coolant to leak out of your engine  onto the ground. This will bring about a low coolant level and diminished cooling of your motor. In the event that you drive notwithstanding for a brief timeframe without enough coolant, your motor can seize or bite the dust through and through.

A coolant leak can happen abruptly or little by little over time.  Internal erosion of your radiator tubes or the seals between sometimes the aluminum and plastic housings, as the gaskets wear out.

You can also have coolant leaks from the various upper and lower, or heating hoses that enter into the vehicle’s climate control system.  Over time rubber hoses get hard and fragile, and thus, coolant can in some cases leak out in wearing out hoses and pipes.

Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same: potential harm to your motor in the event that you have a catastrophic coolant failure while driving.

We have all the tools and diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose and prevent a major problem in the future.

Have your cooling system checked regularly for worn hoses, connectors and a leaky radiator by Lakeview Auto Repair in Lakeview Arkansas today!  

Using Specific Wavelength Glasses, and adding a special dye into the radiator we can identify EXACTLY where leaks are originating.

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